The World Encephalitis Day

The Virtual World Encephalitis Day Conference 2021 welcomes everyone with an interest in infectious and autoimmune encephalitis, from around the globe.


The World Encephalitis Day Alliance will be hosting the World Encephalitis Day Conference on Saturday, 20th February 2021. This will be a virtual conference, so anyone, anywhere can participate. We are literally taking you across the globe, with speakers from Australia, Europe,and the United States.

Our Keynote Speakers are Professor Tom Solomon and Dr. Carol Glaser, who will be joined by a series of experts from around the world talking about different aspects of encephalitis. In addition to these great professional speakers, community members will share their experience, giving insight as to what it is to live with encephalitis.

This conference is open to anyone with an interest in infectious and autoimmune encephalitis. The event takes place over several time zones so not all talks will be available live but recordings will be made available to those with tickets. Ticket holders can take part in live Q&A’s at this unique event.

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*Registration will close on Thursday February 18th at noon EST.*

Registration fee $25.

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